Diagnostic & Programming Equipment

  • Autologic for BMW & Mini Diagnostic, Coding & Programming
  • BMW ISTA/D  Dealer Level System Information, Diagnostic, Coding & Programming
  • Snap-On Verus Diagnostic & Oscilloscope
  • Snap-On D-Tac Elite – Electrical System Tester, Battery Charger & Flash Programmer
  • Snap-On Smart Smoke – Smoke Tester, Leak Diagnostics
  • Snap-On Scope – Wireless Digital Video Scope

Wheels, Tires, Alignment & Lifts

  • Hunter Auto 28 Tire Changer
  • Hunter GSP9700 Road Force Balancer with Straight Track
  • Hunter RX10 Alignment Rack
  • Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment System
  • Longacre Wireless Scale System
  • Nussbaum SPL10000 M3S Low Profile Two Post Lifts

Shop Equipment

  • Snap-on 250amp TIG Water Cooler Welder
  • Firepower 260amp Mig Welder
  • YellowJacket Full Automatic AC Machine
  • Fronius ACCTIVA Intelligent battery charging system
  • Chicago Pneumatic Rotary Screw Air Compressor w/Dryer

Specialty Tools

  • BMW Intake Carbon Blaster (walnut shells) w/ Adapters
  • Assorted BMW Bushing Tools & Hydraulic Press
  • Assorted BMW Wheel Bearing & Axle Adapters & Press
  • Assorted BMW Clutch Tools Including S85 SMG Twin Disc
  • BMW Master Engine Timing Tools M52, M54, S54, S85, N52, N54, M62, N62 and More…
  • BMW Valve Adjustment Tools S14, S38 & S54
  • and More…